Lori Blair President New Jersey PIP-PAY Associates
Lori Blair
New Jersey PIP-PAY Associates

Challenge the Insurance Companies

Until you challenge them, they will continue to deny and short pay your care.
  • We identify early coverage issues
  • Our reputation – insurance companies have dealt with and respect us
  • Our staff does timely and substantive appeals
  • We will keep you aware and notify our clients of ever changing rules/ regulations
  • Our team will coordinate with your staff for collections
Let us take care of the billing and collections so you can care for your patients. 

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What makes Personal Injury Protection Benefits different from other claims?

The legislature has created a formal arbitration system for NJ PIP claims. Although this a technical area of the law and the insurance companies have highly trained lawyers and claims adjusters who look for minor errors or non-complete submissions, our legal counsel uses a combination of our properly submitted appeals, doctor’s notes, supplemental documentation and certifications to eliminate insurance company objections and prevail.

We will be glad to meet with you for an initial consultation at no cost to you.

Increased Profitability

We will handle your PIP billing with the highest level of service in the most cost-effective manner. We are  confident about our ability to deliver cost savings and increased revenues to your practice.

No Cost for Legal Arbitration

The Personal Injury Protection law is structured for payment within 60 days of submission of  billing and allows a delay of payment for an additional 45 days.  If  bills are not paid, insurance regulations give an option for arbitration. If the medical provider prevails, the insurance company has to pay the legal fees and costs.

NJ PIP-Pay is so confident in our services
that we never charge our clients for our legal services.*

*Except for PLIGA